This is group 1 we are María, Gema and Anabel from Spain and Luka and Lucija from Slovenia


My name is Maria,I´m 12 years old,I´m from Granada(Spain), I´ve got blond,long hair,I´ve got green eyes,my favourite food is "tortilla de patatas"
(omelet whit potatos) my favourite sport is swimming,my favourite subjects is P.E and art,my favourite color is green and blue,my favourite animals is dolphin.I like going shopping,going to the cinema and going to the party ,I´m clever and funny.

My name is Gema, I'm 11 years old, I've got brown hair and brown eyes, my favourite food is spaguetti, my favourite sport is swimming, my favourite subjects is math and french, my favourite color is blue, my favourite animals is dolphin. I like going to the party. I'm funny and cheerful. I'm live in Moraleda in Granada in Spain. Moraleda is a small town.

My name is Anabel, I'm 12 years old, I'm have got brown long hair and brown eyes, my favourite food is spaguetti. My favourite subject is P.E and french, my favourite color is green, my favourite animals is dog. I'm from Granada (Spain).



My name is Luka. My surname is Kosir. I'm 12 years old. I'm from Preddvor. I've got brown eyes and blond hair. I have two sisters, they names are Petra and Gabrijela. My favorite food is steak and potatoes. My favourite school subjects are history and Slovenian.My favourite animal is dog. My brithday is on 13th November. That's all about me.

My name is Lucija. My surname is Mikelj. I'm 12 years old. I'm from Preddvor. I've got brown eyes and brown hair. I have one brother. He's name im Tim. My favorite food pasta and pizza.My favorite school subjects are P.E and geography.My favorite animal is dog and butterfly.At home I have a dog,he's name is Cheff.My brithday is on 4th July.



On Chrismas evening me and my family put up christmas tree. Then I played computer games. At 11.30 I went to the midnight mass. I went home at 2 o'clock, beacuse I played table football in the vicorage. Then I went to s leep. At 9 o'clock next morning we had christmas brakfast. Then we opened the presents. I got a poir of compasses, pencils, colour pencils, chocholate and computer game ˝Harry Potter 6˝. This was the best christmas ever.
Luka Kosir

Hello, Im Maria. This christmas I had a good time.I was with my family. Here, in Spain it snow. One tradiction in Spain is to eat 12 grapes the 31 of December at 12:00 pm for celebrate the new year. My family gave me many presents, my grandfather gave me money and my friends sent me christmas card. Happy new year!

Im gema. Happy new Year. On this vacation I was with my family. We ate 12 grapes the Thirty first of december. I celebrated my birthday on the twenty ninth of december and had presents.My family gave me money and my friends gave me many presents.

Hello, Im Anabel. On this Christmas I was with my brother Ismael. I was very happy. He livesfar in Cadiz and he came to visit us. I ate 12 grapes with my brothers, my parents and my grandparents, on the 31 of December. After thent me hent to some friend house. On a Chrismas I put up Chrismas tree.My family were at home for Chrismast.

La Candelaria

I will tell yfile:///home/usuario/Desktop/h5337_a.jpg
ou about a festivity we celebrate here on 2 of february it is "cadenlaria" (bonfires night).in this day the people make big bonfires in the street.On this day the families sing and dance around the bonfires.This is a tradiction of Andalucia in the south of Spain.Some say that we do this to keep away the bad spirits.

external image 27.jpgOur the biggest poet is dr.France Preseren. He was born on 3rd December 1800 and death on 8th February 1849.
He lived in Vrba na Gorjenskem. Me and Lucija were playing in culture event on 9th February. Luka Košir



This is the day of love. We celebrate it on 14 February. In this day the lovers give presents and cards show there love.In our school we write cards to friends.
There is our love poem:
Yours lips are candies,
Yours eyes are stars,
Your smile is my dream,
Your kisses in my passion,


Easter is in Slovenia one of the biggest holidays. We celebrate easter beacuse on this day was the Jesus Christ rose from the dead. On easter we go to church and then we have a easter breakfast. The tipical beakfast is: A easter eggs representing Jesus blood, A horseradish representing a nails with what has been nailed to the cross, a meat representing the Jesus body.
Luka Kosir


this is a religius festivity in this day the people to take out the images of jesus and we do a parade after the images and the music band play the instrument.
This holiday later one week.we make"special cakes""torrijas,papuecas,roscos fritos,leche frita..."
It is the tradiction not to eat meat on thursday and friday.In this week celebrate the ressurection of jesus.
external image 180532_m_1.jpg

On this day the people go to the countryside and eat. The traditional food is ''hornazo''; it is bread with a boiled egg in the middle of it. The people have a good time with their family and friends Maria Gema y Anabel

On this day the people decorate woodey crosses with flowers and others materials. Girls wear special costumes of "flamenco".This costumes are very beautiful with flares and polka dots.Maria Gema y Anabel.
external image 174048_b_1.jpg

Loreto is a neighborhood in moraleda where the people have a fetivity do a performarce,sing,dance and do plays.The tonw hall organizes a dinner abd the people go and eat.Maria,Gema y Anabel.

Summer holiday

First day of our summer holidays is 25th June.On this day we celebrate statehood day On this day were Slovenia go out from Jugoslavia on year 1991. We have holidays to 31th August.
Luka Kosir

On 4th July I'm


Hi, I'm Gema.
I'm going to the beach in Salobreña, to Híjar and to the swimming pool.
Salobreña is a beautiful beach and Híjar is a small and beautiful town.
I will have a good time with my friends.


I'am Anabel. In my summer holiday i'm traveling to cadiz (Cadiz it's a city from the south of Andalucia) with my brother and my parents.
My brother Ismael has a house there.
We are going to the beach Valdelagrana that is beach where you can swin, the water is warm and the sand is very fine.
What about you?
what are you going to do?
Have you got a long holiday too?

external image 12305911.jpg

It's a beach the valdelagrana.

Hi! I'am Maria. During my summer holidays i'm going to the beach an the swiming pool with my family and friends. Maybe will travel to mallorca. Mallorca is ar island of Spain, it is a beautiful island. Bye!!

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external image Vista_Aerea_1.gifexternal image Vista_Alejada.gif

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