external image moz-screenshot-5.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-6.png+This is group 2 we are Irene, Ariadna and Maribel from Spain and Bojan and Maja from Slovenia


Hi! My name is Maribel. I'm 12 years old. I live in Moraleda de Zafayona in Granada. I have got brown eyes and dark hair. I am thin and tall.
I am from Huétor Tájar. I like football, basketball and volleyball. I like the animals and my town too. My favorite colour is orange and my favorite football team in Spain is REAL MADRID. My favorite food is " almejas " ( clams ). My best friends are Maria and Anabel. My favorite singer is Hannah Montana. My favorite subjects are French, English, music and P.E. and my favorite animal is the tiger.
My favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

My name is Ariadna and I am 12 years old. I'm live in Moraleda de Zafayona, a town in Granada. I am friendly, funny and a bit lazy. I love animals especially dogs and horses. I like the colours purple, black and green. My favorite subjects are Maths, French and Physical Education. I've got long fair hair. I've got green eyes. My favorite foods are pizza and cereal with milk, and my favorite hobbies are going shopping and playing with my dog.
My best friends are Irene, Estefania and Elena. My football team is F.C.B ( Futbol Club Barcelona).
My favorite football player is Bojan Kirck Perez.

My name is Irene.I'm 12 years old.I live in Moraleda,a small town of Granada,Spain.I've got brown short hair and brown eyes.I'm short.I've got glasses.I've got a sister,her names is Maria.My favorite food is pizza.My favorite color is blue.I like football.I love F.C Barcelona.Is the best of the best.I play in the football team CF Atletico Moraleda .My best friend are Ariadna,Gema,Marina,Ana Mari and Lorena.My favorite football player is Lionel Andres Messi.


hello! My name is Maja. I"m 12 years old.I live in Preddvor,a small town in Slovenia. I"ve got long brown hair and brown eyes.I"ve got one brother and sister.I"m good at handball and baskettbal.
I"m like chewing!!! My best friend is Lucija and Maruša!!! I don't like school!

Hello!!! My name is Bojan. My surname is Arnez. I'm 12 years old.I haven't got any brothers or sisters. I've got short blond hair. I like playing violin. My favourite food are pizza and pasta.I like chewin g.
My best friend is Jure!!!


On Christmas evening me and

Hi. Happy new year. In my Christmas went to the cinema. Saw " Alvin y las ardillas 2". Gave me presents. I have a very good time with my family.
In Spain is a tradition eat grapes to celebrate the new year. ;) MARIBEL

Hello!! Happy New Year!!!!
In the holiday of Christmas i had a good time with my family of Barcelona and dogs. I was everyday with ny aunt Ali because, she had a baby, (my cousin). She is very beautiful. The days 25, 26 and 27 i was in a house in the mountain, i got many presents: a TV, a XBOX 360, bank Barça. We went to stadium " Camp Nou ", money and chocolate. Then i went with my cousin IVAN and ALBA, slept 3 days. We went to the cinema to watch AVATAR a new film, it was very beautiful. Them the days 30 i had a very good time because the spanish people have a holiday called New Year's Eve. The 4th went to Granada. The 10th January snowed but later it rained.

Hi.In Christmas,I celebrate the Christmas Eve in 24th of December.My grandfather and my grandmother came to my house.The 25th of December it's Christmas Day,in this day,my mother put the Santa's presents under the Christmas tree.My present was a personal computer.I celebrated the New year's Eve with all my family.At 12 o'clock we ate the twelve grapes (a spanish tra dition for celebrating the New year).I went to ice-skating and to the cinema.The 10th of January snowy,this is rarely in Spain. IRENE

Hi. On Christmas evening me and my famlily we were at home.We ate walnut roll. Then we go to friends!!!

The 2nd of february in Andalucia we celebrate the BON FIRE NIGHT. This night the people make big bon fires.People meet friends and family for dancing ,drinking and singing around the bon fires. The people say that began for a religion reason. Some people make ''menchos'' ( a thing make of grass like it a braits for burn and play )

Slovenian public holiday day is the 8th Febroary.It is called France Presern's day.
He is a Slovenian poet.We have

Last weekend we have one cultural events.Me and Bojan singin in a youth choir.


His song Zdravljica:
God's blessing on all nations,who long
and work for that bright day,when o'er
earth's habitation's,NO wear,no strife
shall hold hold it's sway;who long to see...

The 14th of Febrary we celebrate Saint Valentine's Day it's all lovers day.In this day people give flowers (roses,orchids,etc...),chocolates and send letters to their boyfriend and girlfriends and also to friends
Your eyes are stars
Your smile is fantasy
external image 7744.jpg
Your mouth is passionexternal image 7744.jpg
and your kisses are loveexternal image 7744.jpg

I am crazy about you and
I love you forever.

We colored Easter eggs.We eat walnut roll...
In the pictures we see Easter eggs.Easter eggs is in the Easter baskets.

external image 7744.jpg
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The easter is a spansih-religious celebration.We celebrate the death an the resurrection of Jesus.The people go to mass.In this week we have processions.On Thursday and Friday the christians can't eat meat.The people make special cakes (torrijas,pestiños)

In easter, the most part of the time i was at home.On Friday my friends and I went to saw the procession in my town and on saturday we went to ```Pizzeria Mallorca´´ (a restaurant) to eat. Irene

In this week my aunt and mi goddaughter of Barcelona came to my house.I went to the procession in my town with my cousin,her boyfriend and his cousin.Ariadna

In my easter I go to Riofrío, a small town of Granada near Huetor Tájar. The easter is a spanish-religious celebration. I went to see the processions in Granada, Moraleda de Zafayona and Riofrío. In Moraleda we take out a statue of the Virgen Mary and a statue of Jesus.

In San Marcos I went to my plot with my cousin MARIA and MY FAMILY. We ate potatoes with eggs. In the afternoon we splash water. The party finished at 9:30.


This holiday is celebrated the 25th of April in Andalucia.The people go to country sides to eat,play games (bingo,cards) ,etc... We make and eat ''hornazos'' (a special cake with a boiled egg) We crack the boiled eggs on other people's heads. Irene

This holiday is for friends spend time together in the country side , we take food there and eat. I was in " Fuente de la Higuera". This is a plain with trees, we ( my cousins and my friends). SET UP CAMP, AND LATER WE WENT FOR A WALK.


We had one week holidays because we had two national holidays: Resistance day and Labour day.During holidays we were mostly at home.Some people played computer games, riding a bike, went shopping...

The 2nd of may we to celebrate the day of the mother. On this day, sons and daughters, give presents to their mothers. Some give flowers, others give dummis. On this day we
want to say thanks to our mothers for their affection and attention. ¡ HOORAY THE MOTHERS !
Do you celebrate mother's day? *MaRiBeL...!


The Corpus's fair is the biggest festivity of the city. Start every year the first Monday of June at 12 p.m with the ''alumbrado'' (to come on thousands os bulbs) and finish the next Sunday with a spectacle of fireworks.There are two importants procesions:

Fair-Every Wednesday from mid-morning the Tarascan, a dummy that is supposed to be wearing the fashionable clothes that season, he walks around the city on the back of a fierce dragon that appears to be surrendered at his feet. So the best kept secret until they leave, is the dress she will wear that day The Tarasco. The Tarascan, one can say that is the counterpoint pagan religious festival.
"The big party is organized around Granada on Thursday, the day of Corpus Christi, the day the whole city crammed the streets to watch the procession of the same name.

In my holidays I'm going to the beaches of Huelva, a provician of the east of Andalucía.
I going to the swimming pool of Villanueva de Mesía, a small town of Granada and near of Moraleda De Zafayona.
I'm going to study too. I´m going have computer classes to learn more!
That you have happy summer holidays!!!



SUMMNER HOLIDAYS[[image:]]

I'm going to Paris and London a day after the school finishes( 23th of June ) .Them i will go the swimming pool with my cousins. And i'm going to Sitges in Barcelona with my father, i will swim in the beach. Them at night i will go out to the parties. I have a lot of things to do!!

external image londres1.jpg external image paris.jpg%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%C2%A1%C2%A1LONDRES%21%21 external image disneyland.bmp

In this holidays I'm going to surf the net,swim,sunbathe in the swimming pool,play,etc..But the best is that I hasn't to go to high-school and I can go to the beach and travel.Bye bye teachers!! Hello holidays!!