This is group 3 we are Elena and Estefania from Spain and Ksenija and Matic from Slovenia


My name Elena. I'm twelve years old.
I live in Moraleda de Zafayona with my mother, my father and my brother.
My brotherś name is Jose Antonio.
My hobbies are listening to music, playing with the computer and to out with my friends.
My favorite animal are dogs.
I have long, blond hair and brown eyes.
My favorite subject is P.E. and my favorite food is "kebab" (Indian food)

My name is Estefanía. I'm twelve years old.
I'm tall and thin. I have got dark long hair and brown eyes.
I have one sister. I like to be on the computer and to go out with my friends.
I listen to music. My favorite pets are puppies and parrots, and wild animals like dolphins, elephants, and leopards.
My favorite is "kebab"(Indian food). I don't like peppers.
My favorite subjects are Art, English and P.E.
I live in Moraleda de Zafayona (Granada)


Hello. My name is Matic. I´m twelve years old.
I live in Potoče with my brother and parents.
My hobbies is moto sport. My favourite
animal is a horse.I have brown hair anb brown eyes.
My favourite food is pizza.

Hallo.My name is Ksenija. My surname is Karničar.
I live in Jezersko. My hobbies is swimming.My favourite
food is lasagna. My favourite animals are orca and panda.
My favourite subject is art.



Elena's Chrismas
On chistmas Eve I ate at my gradmother's house with my cousins.
After dinner we were played a game called "Monopoly" and later we went to my other aunt's house until late.
On Year's Eve I ate at my granmothe's h
ouse with my family.
At 12, after dinner we ate the grapes. A little later I went our to celebrate the New Year with my parents.

Estefanía's Christmas
Happy New Year!!!! I tell you atont my Christmas:

My Christmas was brillant. My family got together.
Our Christmas begins on the 25th of december with Jesus birth, we decorate our home with colourful lights, a christmas tree and Nativity.
Later the 31st of december , we get together for dinner and we eat twelve grapes at twelve o'clock to receive New Year, after eatins the grapes we drink and kiss. The 6th of january is the day of three Wise Men and there is a parade
At night when children are sleeping the three Wise bring presents.
This day is the las of Chistmas holidays.

We baked walaut roll and biscuits. I went to midnightmas mass widd my
familiy. On Eve we decorated the tree and crib. We speut the holidays
at home. Wite aur relatives and famly.
I went to my grandparents. My cousion and I baked wery big cake.
Midghnayt mass my famly went on churc. My family ate christmas diner.
My christmas holidays is wery good but sometimes is boring.

The "candelaria" is a festivity we celebrate on second of february at night.
This night the families and friends meet to drink, eat and sing around the big bonfires.
Many people jump over the big bonfires. Old people say this to burn the bad


On this we day we celebrate Valentine's Day.
It is a day when lovers express their love and his affection, with several details.
It is common to give roses to friends, lovers and relatives.
For example:
The red rose simbolize love.
The yellow rose simbolize friendship.
The white rose simbolize peace.
They also sent letters to express love.

Here is our love poem:

You big eyes are sun,
you mouth the moon,
you lips are passion
the kisses are delicious candies

and I had a true love for your.

Our winter holidays

I went skiing to Stari Vrh.Next morning I slept to 8.00.
My family and I went to my grandparents.
Sometimes I watched TV.external image moz-screenshot-1.png
external image moz-screenshot.png

I watched TV. I had pyjamas party.
I play computer
games. It was boring.


My mother and I coloured Easter eggs. My family made a walnut roll.

I went to my grandparents. Then I got my Easter eggs and my cousin got hers. MATIC

My godfather gives me presents.

The holy week
During the holy week the people eat a lot of home-made.
This day the people celebrate the death and resurrention of chist.
On thursday and friday we don't eat meat others day there are proffesion in the town
and we take the virgin of the Angustias and jesus.


I went to the processions with my fiends.
this ninght I went to eat of restaurant with my family and saw in friends.
other day I went with my family to countryside. I also celebrated my birthday was on friday and saturday


IN holy week, I went to the procession on friday, with my friends.
I didn´t eat meat on thursday and friday.
On friday night I went to eat in restaurant with my family.

In the san marcos is a holiday. We delebrate on 25th of april.
The people go the countriside to eat and play.
the weather now is very good here and the countrisides is beautiful a green now.


I went to countriside with my friends and my parents.
it was hot and it was sunny.
I ate meat and sausage.
I had a very good time and lot of fun.


I went to countri on the land of my grandfather.
I went with my family and friends.
We ate savoury snack, sausages, meat...

day revolt to invader

This day is inportant for slovinian people.
On this day towrst for invarde.


The corpus is the party that we celebrate the first of the june.
There are a lot of swings and people enjoy a lot dancing, eating tapas and drinking Spanish wiwe.
The girls wear special flamencos clothes.

external image portada%20ferial.jpg

Summer holidays.
The holiday begins on 25 July. On holiday I will go to the sea to my grand parents. I go
on mauntins,mybey I go on Triglav.

My summer holydays

In my summer holydays I´m going to the swimming pool and the beach, with my family.
I´m going to visit my cousins and my aunt and uncle.
Too, I´m going out my friends.
I hope you have a nice holyd

external image playa_mostrar.jpg


My summer holidays

I going to the beach and water park.
Also I'm going to the swimming of my cousin.
Before lunch I will chat my friends will go the the park.

GOODBYE, thank you write of my.

external image Torrox_playa.jpg