This is group 1 we are MIGUEL ÁNGEL and ALEJANDRO from Spain and
Žan Seljak and Jure Vreček from Slovenia


my name is Miguel Angel I am 12 years old I have got brown eyes and brown short hair , I am medium height, I like playing football, and I live in Moraleda de Zafayona in Spain. My town is small, my favorite food is spaghetti ``boloñesa´´ and my favorite music group is No Way Out. I play for the local football team and we are first in the league. I have got one brother, his name is Manolo. He plays in the same football team.

Hello! My name is Alejandro I am 12 years old. My hobby is play video game. I like sports. My favorite colors is red fire and red lightning. My favorite food is chips. I have got one sister,her name is Lorena.I am fast. I have got dark hair. I have got brown light eyes. I live in Moraleda de zafayona,in Spain.My favorite animal is lion. My favorite team is Real Madrid is the best.


Hi! My name is Jure Vreček and I´m 11 years old but my birthday is on 19th December. I`ve got blue-grey eyes and not so short dark blond hair. I´m medium height, I like playing computer games and I live in village called Tupaliče near Preddvor in Slovenia. My favorite food is pizza with mushroms. My favourite music is Born in the Usa. I´ve got a brother Luka. He´s 11 years old.

Hello! My name is Žan Seljak I´m 12 years old. I´ve got brown eyes and brown hair. I play football. My favourite food are meat balls and mashed potatoes. I´ve got a sister Špela. She´s 11 years old. I´ve got a dog. His name is Shark.My favourite team is Barcelonais the best. I´ve live in Preddvor (ŠIŠKA).


It´s Jure writing. Me and my family celebrated Christmas at home. We had a crib, a christmas tree and a good dinner. We ate bacon and pizza, too. I got a present - candies. We watched very good films. Iwent to bed oa one o´clock. The New Year wasn´t much different from Christmas. At midnight, my dad fired some fireworks. Our neighbours came to watch the beautiful shapes. I went to bed at one o´clock. Me and my family celebrated Christmas at home. On Christmas evening my family an d me put up a crib. I went to Midnight Mass. I went to bed at 2 o´clock.
Happy new year!! hello, how are you? I´m fine.This Christmas was happy.I went to the cinema with my cousin David. we saw the film of ``solomon kane´´. I like of the film and here it snowed but no much time. And the Barcelona is very bad the Madrid is the best. from: Miguel Angel.
Hello,how are you? At Christmas I went to the cinema. We saw ``bienvenidos a zombieland´´ which means welcome to zombieland. I like watching films. We ate the 12 grapes for celebrating the new year. Happy new year!!! from: Alejandro

France Prešeren was, and he still is, a famous Slovenian composer. He was born in Vrba on 3rd December in 1800. He died on 8th February in 1848.

Candelaria we celebrate this party in the honor of virgin of the candelaria.We make bonfires on the street and jump over them. We also catch ``menchos´´ that we burn and the spin in the air. by Miguel angel and Alejandro.

St. Valentine

Hello! Here, in february celebrate St. valentine. St. valentine is the day of in loves, in my high school write letters for friends or for girls. And give presents for somebody's.

Here is my love poem:

your lips kiss me
i need you
i love you


During winter holidays I went to Krvavec to ski. On Thursday I went to my friend's. He lives in the capital city Ljubljana. I went to the water city Atlantis for 4 days. We enjoyed swimming there. I'am watching olimpiske game. On Saturday I went to cinema and I watched Avatar. Then I went played bownilg. I like this holidays. Žan

Winter holidays lasted for a week. Most of the time I was at home. But we also went to Portorož. That's a town at the coast of the Adriatic sea. Me and my family went for a walk near the beach. I played computer games too. by: Jure

The first thing that we do at the morning is going to church, where the vicar blesses the Easter food:easter eggs, ham, walnut rool and easter bread. The next day we have easter breakfast ​and we eat the blessed food. We talk a lot at the table.
Easter eggs: we paint them in natural pigments or we take the unnatural way.


San Marcos is a party that we celebrate in the country ride, we eat a "hornazo" this is a cake with an egg in side, normaly we burst the egg on the people´s head.

I stayed in my house watching t.v and i cracked two eggs on my father´s head and i laughed.

by: miguel angel

My family don´t go to the country side we meet my house.I cracked the egg a my sister´s head.

by: Alejandro

Spring holidays

I had two weeks of holidays beacuse I didn't go to the 5 day field trip. Hte first week, I was bored to death. I had nothing to do. I just watched tv. The second week it was more exciting. We had two hodidays douring the holidays. 27th April: Resistance Day; 1st May: Labour Day.

by: Jure

I went to 5 day field trip. We could ride the monocycle, drive a kayak and going to the mountains. A night before 1st May we had large bonefires across the country.

by: Žan

the mother´s day

in the mother´s day we pay tribute to the mothers and we give present to our mothers

by: Alejandro and Miguel Angel


Is a christian festivity we don´t know what do in that party, because we don´t celebrate in our town.

Statehood day

Statehood Day : is a holiday that occurs on every 25 June in Slovenia to commemorate the country's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Although the official declaration of independence did not come until 26 June 1991, Statehood Day is considered to be June 25 since that was the date on which the initial acts regarding independence were passed. Slovenia's declaration jumpstarted the ten - day war, which it eventually won, with its former overseer Yugoslavia.

by: Jure

Summer holidays begin on 25th June and end on 1st September. I wiil go on Jakob, see, cinema, drive a bike and

​My summer holiday

in my summer holidays i´m going to Madrid to see "Warner bros". When I´m back from Madrid I will go to the swimming pool and probably my cousin, from Islas Baleares to visit we.


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summer holidays

in the summer holidays i`m going to stay in my beach hut there i have a swimming pool but i don`t stay there all summer.i have to help my mother and my father in the morning i will help my mother in the office and the evening i will help my father in the country side.

by:miguel angel

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beach of granada