This is group 5 we are Marina,M'Jose and M'Carmen from Spain and Ajda and Max from Slovenia


Hello! My name is Marina.I'm 12 years old. I have got one brother, he is 19 years old and his name is Juanma.
My favourite groups are "Metallica" and "Saratoga". I like heavy metal music. I like going out with my friends. I don't like studying Maths. My favourite colour is black. I'm tall, I have brown eyes and brown hair. My birthday is on 29th September.My favourite sport is volleyball. I am cheerful, funny and nice.

Hello! My name is MªJosé. I'm 12 years old. I've got dark hair. I've got brown eyes. I've got long hair. My favourite colours are red and yellow. My favourite animal is a snake. I like "Lentejas". I don't likes pizza. I like to play football. I live a small town called Moraleda de Zafayona.
My favourite group is "Medina Azahara". They are Spanish,they sing "flamenco and rock". My favourite song is "Una noche de amor desesperada".
I've got two sisters,her called are Libertad and Guadalupe. I'm tall and Thin. I have one boyfriend.

Hello! My name is MªCarmen. I'am 12 years old. My favourite colour is yellow. I have got one brother. His name is Eduardo. My favourite food is "pizza". I've got brown long hair. I've got brown eyes. I'm Thin and medium. I'm from in Moraleda de Zafayona(Granada). It has got a famous monuments called "Alhambra". My favourute subjets is P.E .

Hello! My name is Max! My surname is Zorman. I'm twelve(12) years old. I have short brown hair. I have blue eyes. I have two brothers. Their names are Arne and Žiga. My favourite colours are blue and red. I am a fan of FC Barcelona. I love playing football,table tennis,handball. I am from Bašelj. This is a village near Preddvor. I like playing computer games and love eating pizza and pasta. My birthday is on 19th September. I am medium weight.I listen to electro music.I'm funny,kind and very good friend.​

Hi! My name is Ajda. I'm twelve years old. I have brown hair and green eyes. I have one little brother. My favourite colours are green and orange. I love skiing. My favourite animal is tiger. I live in small village called Jezersko. My favourite subject is Slovene. I hate spiders. I very like reading. My birthday is 21st December.
I'm kind and stubborn.


Hello! I' am Marina.In the holidays, I visited my family in Granada, they came from Czech Republic. My family and I celebrated Christmas at my grandmother's house and at my house. The others days, I with my friends. I went to the cinema with my brother. The Three Wise Men brought me the touch phone and clothes. I had a happy Christmas and New Year.

Hello! I' am Mª José, happy New Year. The first day of holidays, I was with my family. The 24th of December was Christmas Eve, I dinner at my grandmother's house. The 25th of December was Christmas day. I went house to my cousin's house. The 31th of December was New years Eve, I dinned in my house with my family and friends, on this day we eat 12 grapes and I went the party. I had a good Christmas and a happy new year. The Three Wise Men brought me clothes, money and a lot of things.

Hello! I' am MªCarmen, I visited my family and friends. I had a very good time. Santa Claus gave me clothes, money and trainers.
The 31th of December, I ate twelve grapes at twelve o'clock. On new years Eve I dinner at my house.
Happy New Year 2010 !

Hello! Me and my family as every year celebrate new year and cristmas. We built Cristmas tree and crib. We have a Cristmas dinner with my grandma and grandpa. We ate steak and potatoes. For New Year we meet our friends and we ate karpacho and spagheti. We went on a hill St.Lovrenc and we watched the fireworks. At 2am we went home and we went to our beds to sleep. That was our magical time with my family.Max

Every year I and my family celebrate Christmas at home. We have Christmas dinner and usually we go for a walk. Then we go home and make crib. On Christmas day we usually go to grandparents and we have Christmas lunch.
For New Year watched fireworks and we had party. But it was so boring, becouse there were no friends.Ajda

Hi! I will tell you about Slovenian cultural holiday. It's called Prešeren's day. France Prešeren was a famous Slovenian poet. He wrote many poems. One of them was Zdravljica- a national anthem. France Prešeren was born on 3rd December 1800. He wasn't famous at the begining, but when he died (on 8th February 1849) he became famous

Candelaria's day : Is a tradition.
On the night of the 1st of February we celebrate the "Candelaria". We make big bonfires. We burn "menchos" and spin them around to keep away bad spirits.
As we jump over the bonfires, we make a

Hi! In our winter holidays I was realy enyojing. I was skiing a lot, on Slovenian skiing center Krvavec and Zelenica with my father. I slept in Visoko in my grandmothers house. I met a nice girl. I won a ski match on Zelenica and I got a medal. I realy liked this holiday. by : MAX

Hi! I and my family were skiing in Austria. My mum learned how to ski. And at last we had ski match on Peca (Austria) and I was 2nd. And I went to a birthday party. And it was COOL!!!! Ajda

San Valentine day:

Happy Valentine
Happy Valentine
I like your red lips
and your big kisses.
I give you my love
and romantic passion.
I need your delicious mouth
you are like beautiful flowers.

Every year we celebrate Easter. We celebrate it becouse , Christ woke up on that day from dead.I have been in a church and we made Easter eggs. On Palm Sunday I also went to church and I was a ministrant.This is a person that helps priest. We went to Kranjska Gora and we ate Easter bread and ham. This is a holy holiday.

Hi! I will tell you how slovenian people celebrate easter. On Palm Sunday we make butaras. This is a sheaf of greenery. One week after that we celebrate Easter. We celebrate Holy Thursday (last dinner) , Good Friday (Jesus died that day),Holy Saturday.

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Hi! Every year we have spring holiday. They start on 27th April and end on 2nd May. Before the holiday we were in Javorniški rovt (field trip) and we were hiking and we were practising archery and also we were rowing in the lake.We had a great time there.

The Resistance Day is celebrated on 27 April, although the Liberation Front was actually established on 26 April 1941 in the house of writer and literary critic Josip Vidmar, only two weeks after Slovenia, then a part of Yugoslavia, was occupied by Nazi Germany and ten days after the Yugoslav authorities surrendered in Belgrade
In Slovenia the Labour Day has been celebrated as a national holiday since 1948. The old custom involves a bonfire on the eve of the holiday and a celebration.24592_kres.jpg

In Spain we celebrate a day called ´semana santa´ it is a tradition to take out the ´virgen de las angustias´ this woman is very special because Jesus is her son, the creator of the world.
On this days we take the images of saints around the streets of the town. This is called a procesion.On wednesday and thursday the people don´t eat meat.
We don´t go to school these days.

Spanish procession
Spanish procession


The 25th of April we celebrated "SAN MARCOS". The people go to eat in the countryside with some friends or family.
MªCarmen: I went to a resservoir. I played ping-pong and listened to the music. I ate sweets and "hornazo", this is a cake with on egg cooked in the center. We crack the egg on other people's heads.
Maria José: I went beach with my family and coussin. The water was cold. I went beach "Torre del Mar".
Marina: I went to eat in the countryside with my friends. Were there from 8:00 am till 21:00 pm. We played the football and volleyball.

The Cross
On 3rd of may we celebrate the day of the cross.This day the people make crosses with beautiful flowers the most original crosses receive a prize.They are very beautiful and corourful after we decorate them.

The "Corpus" party :

Corpus is a party we celebrate in Granada city.
There are a lot swings and the people visit the swings on the weekend.
The people don't go to school and don't work.

The party of Loreto:

We celebrate the partys of the Loreto. Loreto is a small town of "Moraleda".
The people dancing "Sevillanas, flamenco and the others"
We eat paella and "migas".
The party celebrate on 21, 22 and 23 of May.


Ajda:Statehood day is slovenian nationality day.We celebrate it in 25th June. On this day people don`t work. On this day in 1991 Slovenia`s get independet.



Hi ! I´am Mªcarmen .In this summer holiday i`m going to travel to the Canary island.There i´m going to the beach and swimming pool.When i´m back home i´m going t to go out with my friends,eat ice cream ,do sport and have a barbacue.
I hope you enjoy your holiday too !

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  • mªjose traveled to mallorca to be with her parents.

  • Hi! On the holidays im going to "Cacín"(a little town next to Moraleda) with my cousin and my friends. I will play with my brother. I'm going to the beach with my family. I'm going to Mallorca (is a Spanish island, where the people eat "ensaimadas" is a cake with chocolat and creme) with my family at i'm going to the beach. I'm going to surf de Net, swim, sunbathe in the swimming pool, etc ...
  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! =) BY: MaRiNa ! ^^

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