inis is group 1 we are ................ from Spain and Anita and Nejc from Slovenia
Hello my name is adrian megias i´m twelve year old ,i love real madrid is the best, my favourite
music is bob marley,heavy-metal and estopa my favourite subjet are math and p.e,my favourite
food is parpadelle´´ and my second favourite food is pollo al limon´´, my favourite sports are
tennis, football and basketball,my city is very beautyful because of ``the alhambra´´

Hello my name is jairo perez i´m twelve years old, i have short, black, hair and green eyes ,my
favourite sport is football, my favourite music group is linkin park, my favourite animals are dogs
,my favourite color is red,my favourite team is real madrid is the best

Hello my name is borja i´m twuelve years old ,i have brown,curly,short,hair, i have brown eyes,my
hobbies is football, i live in moraleda ,my favourite animals are horse,cat and leopard,my favourite
subjet is maths ,science,p.e


Hallo! My name is Anita Zadnikar. I´m twelve years old. I have one brother. I live in Jezersko. It is a small village near Preddvor
. I love skiing. I have rabbit at home. I like pizza,lassange and pasta. I have one boyfriend!

Hello. My name is Nejc Cerkovnik. I'm twelve years old.I have one sister. I live in Zgornja Bela. It's a small village near Preddvor.
I love tennis,hocky and football. I love potatos.


Hello how was your Christmas holidays?
I played football all holidays ,I ate all the grapes. The grapes is a spanish tradition ate the ``12 grapes´´
,the 10-1-2010 snowed here ,that's inusual here .I played with my friends.¡¡Happy new year2010!!

Hello I was with my family on christmas
did you enjoy Christmas?
What presents did Santa claus bring you?
happy new year!

Hello ,merry christmas and a happy new year
l bought a lot of for the importants dinners,well l and my parents and my s

We had crib and Christmas tree. We had Bettlehem light. We went to church. For Christmas evening we
had Christmas dinner. For New Year we went for a walk and we had a big diner. We lieit the incense.
Mum baked tradition cake.

We head a Christmas dinner. We went to midnigtit mass. We drink champagne.

On the 1st of February we celebrate the night of the big bonfires.
We make big bonfires and jump over the bonfires. This party is a lot of fun.
Some people say that we celebrate this festivity to keep the bad spirits

St valentine`s day
St valentine's days is a tradition of love and is a beautiful day and the lovers l gave you present.
on this day we celebrate valentine's day 14th february
This is our poem:
you are my fantasy
and l dream with you
and nights.
l have passion for you .
l love you.

Winter holidays

In holidays I ran in ski. I walked and maunteniring.I read some books.

In holidays I hed skiing. iN Saturday we had slalom race.

On the Easter Friday was Christ die . On the Easter Saturday we bring rool,Easter eggs,meat
,horseradish,oranges... in the church to blessing.
On the Sunday was Christ came beak for live.
  • easter_eggs.jpg


  1. In holy week we take out the virgin and the Christ god the people sing andalusian religius
  2. song finish when to resucitate jesus to next year we make a special cook"pestiños" the
  3. thuesday begin these procesions in spanish In "semana santa" too we make a special cook
  4. "paparajotes". there are lemon leaves with sugar and cinamon.

The day of san marcos is a day we spend in the country-side and we eat "hornazos".These are
sweet bread with a boiled egg on top.
That day familyes meet and make traditional food.

Spring holiday
27.4.-Resistance day
We didn't go to school.

1.5.-Labour day
In this day were workers lean on.
On the 30.4.we burn bonfire.

I was watching TV, playing computer games, I had rest..

I was mouteniring every day,

The day of the mother is a day in the what to the mother`s him make gilf.

on the 3rd of may we celebrate the "day of the cross"


The corpus is a party were boys and girls have fun. There are a lot of games and rides.

The loreto party's is moraledan party into come a little people.


Statehood Day (Slovene: Dan državnosti) is a holiday that occurs on every 25 June in Slovenia to commemorate the country's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Although the official declaration of independence did not come until 26 June 1991, Statehood Day is considered to be June 25 since that was the date on which the initial acts regarding independence were passed.[1] Slovenia's declaration jumpstarted the Ten-Day War, which it eventually won, with its former overseer Yugoslavia.


We will have 2 monts of holidays.We won't have a school.Holidays start at 24.6 and stop 1.10.
Witch day start school there?

Anita and Nejc

My sommer holiday,jairo. I`m a going to the swimming pool with my brother I'm a going to do
water sport and eat ice cream of the chocolat.I`m a going surf the net.

good bie¡

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My sommer holiday,borja.I'm a going to the beach of ''torre del mar'' with my family.I'm a going
to ''Galicia'' with my grandfather and grandmother.I'm a going surf the
net and play to playstation and go with my friends

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