This is group 1 we are ................ from Spain and ................... from Slovenia
My name is Rubén.I´ve got short hair.I´ve got black hair.I´ve got one sister.Her name is Noemí.I´m twelve years
old.I´ve got glasses.I´three dogs.Their names are Ricitos,Lucho and Himawuari.I´ve got brown eyes.I like football. My favorite player is CR9.

My name is David.I´m twelve years old.I´m tall.I´ve got lond hair.I´ve got blond hair.I´ve got brawn eyes.My favorite hobby is football.My favorite football players is Ibrahimovic and Fernando Torres.My favorite group is the strokes and Joy Division.My favorite food is pizza.I live in Granada (Spain).Granada is a beautiful city.

My name is Ángel.I´m twelve years old.I got brown eyes.I´m from Granada (Spain).I´got black hair.My favorite food is rice.My favorite group is AC DC.My favorite sport is football.I got one brother.His name is Pablo.

My name is Sara. I´ve got brown long hair.I´ve got one brother. He is 16 years old. I live in Preddvor (Slovenia) I live whit my mum, dad, grandma,grantfa and my brother. My favorit hobby are handball and swimming. I have one dog. His name is Tedy. My favorite colour is green. My favorite food is lasange.My favorit number is 6.

My name is Rok. I´m twelve years old. I´ve got black hair I´ve got one brother. He´s five years old, his name is Žan. My favourite food is pizza. I´ve got a dog called Ajka. I like playing football and downhill.


Hello.My name is Angel,happy nu years 2010.We celebrated two nights Christmas eve and new years
eve.But my favorite holiday is ``la noche de Reyes''- The night whelm the three kings brings children present.

Hi his Christmas.I played in the snow and Santa brougt me many toys and decorated me house with a Christmas tree and a Nativity

This Chrismas was great .I got many presensthis ate twelve grape is a spanish tradittion on day 31 this Chistmas it snowed and rained a lot.


For Christmas me and my family went to our aunt and uncle. When we came home we had a dinner. After dinner we played games and watched TV. At the midnight we went to the church. When we came home and opend our presents and then we went to bed. external image Fotografija0070.jpgFor New Year we was at home. I went with my friens for a walk. I came home at midnight. Then me and my brother went to his friends. We had good time. I went to bed at 6 am oclock. I was very tired.

external image Fotografija%20jelke.jpgexternal image Fotografija%20jelke.jpgexternal image Fotografija0073.jpgFotografija_jelke.jpg


Me and my family celebrate Chtistmas at my grandma. We ate cicken and potatos and we drank (but not alcohol :( ). New Year in Kranjska Gora. There I snowbord. For New Year we went to center and looked for rockets. We drank and danced and sang. We had good time.

Sara & Rok

France Prešeren was a greated Slovenian poet and lawyer. He is very famous.He was born on 3. December 1800. He died on 8. February 1849. So on that day we have holiday. He wrote a Slovenian anthem. He was born in Vrba and died in Kranj.


The candelaria is a tradition in the south of spain. We celebrate it on the second of february. It is a tradition to jump over the bonfires.In the candelaria the people drink, eat and dance by the bonfires.
By:Ruben,David and Angel.

San valentines day

On the 14 th of February at our school we celebrate valentines day.The children write cards to friends,girls or boys that they like.They give gifts (flowers card and cuddly toys).We have a box where the children put the cards.They enter in a contest,the student who wins gets a fabulous prize.
Here is our poem.
You stop my heart.

Your smile is very beautiful.
I like your blue eyes.
I like your sweet lips.
The moon is your mouth.
The night is romantic like your passion.

Winter Holidays


We had holidays one week on February. I was snowbording in Kranjska Gora. I was jumping in a snowboard park. I had a party there. it was very good.


I was skiing on Krvavec this is skiing center. And I was reading a lot. I was on slepover party 2 days. It was great.


EASTER: For Easter we went to church whit Ester eggs, ham, walnut roll... On Sunday we also went to church whit a shelf of greenery (butara). Than we hat a contest. Than win the biggest butara. On that day Jezus die but next day he stay a life.

external image moz-screenshot.jpg

Hello.In eastr we eat special cakes for example(ring_shaped cakes)The people go to the processions to see the ''virgen de las Angustias''this a festivity cristians.On friday people don´t it eat meat.

san marcos
is a spanish party, celebrate 25 of april.we go to the country side and we and drink there.on this day we also have special sweet with boiled
egg in side when you eat there sweet you crack on egg on your friends heads

Spring holiday

We had spring holiday on 25th April to 2nd May. We have holiday because of Resistence Day.On this day in 1941, was founded in Ljubljana Slovenian nation's Liberation Front. On 1st May was a Labour Day


I was cycling and I was playing computer games. I was on Facebook. I was with my friends.


I was at home at first. But than we went to Krk. It was a bit boring.

The day of the crosses is an andalusian festivity .The people make crosses from flowers.On this day the people come to gether and have a pary.On this party,we eat and drink.For the day of the crosses, the people wear flamenco dresses.We have this holiday on 3rd May.

The corpus

The corpus is a festivity of Granada.It is the very long party.It last one week.The children doesn´t go to school there days.It is holiday

Statehood Day is a holiday that occurs on every 25 June in Slovenia to commemorate the country's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Although the official declaration of independence did not come until 26 June 1991, Statehood Day is considered to be June 25 since that was the date on which the initial acts regarding independence were passed. Slovenia's declaration jumpstarted the TenDay War, which it eventually won, with its former overseer Yugoslavia.

Summer holidays

On 24 June is the end ot school. Than we have summer holidays. They are 2 months long. We'll went to the sea. What about you?

Summer holidays

Hello I´am Rubén.

In this summer,I´m going to the beach,i´m going to travel to Mallorca,i´m going to stay with my friends,i´m going to swimming pool.

Mallorca is a beautiful island,this island is in the mediterranen sea.

Good bye!

external image 25850__149_b_2.jpg

My summer holiday.

Hello my name is angel.

I'm going to the travel in Malaga.I'm going to play games.I'm going to visit my family.I'm going to study too!! Happy holiday my friends

external image 180904_b_1.jpg

My summer holidays.

In holiday i'm goins to Almuñecar .It is a town of granada .It is a beautiful and it is by the sea.It has no sand.It has little stones instead.I'm go to the swimming pool.
finally i'm going to the Alpujarra.this is a town of Granada ,too it a beautiful,too it was the Sierra Nevada.
This town is hot by the sea .It is in the mountains of Sierra Nevada